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We are Giraffes in the Kitchen. We deliver measurable experiences by understanding needs, evaluating the environment and maximizing available resources. Always willing to test boundaries and do the unexpected.

Change. Evolve.

Past, present, future. We explore the brand's history, how it was, how it is and how it can be. Then, we take it one step further. Actually, lots of steps further. Or one big, giant step. You got the point. We take it beyond limits. And we guide you to evolve and stand tall. Like, really tall. Giraffe's tall.

Like falling in love.

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Waterman. Father of 2; German shepherd and cute baby girl. Amateur pizzaiolo. Stavros is a Partner, highly motivated, goal oriented, a unique team builder and consultant of all things. And he is always right. Did we mention he’s right?

Yiannis Kardaras

At home, Yiannis strives to promote world peace of (his) mind. His inability to learn how to be a piano player drove him to this line of work, where he orchestrates smooth corporate communication plays. He is a Partner, intrigued by all stories that are fit to spin, prefers people with good taste of humor and always tries to be as fast as the newsflow.

Giorgos Anastasiou

Music enthusiast. Guitar soloist. Extensive writer. Wisdom spreader. Giorgos is a Partner with strong marketing, sales and leadership skills. His previous experience as a basketball referee gave him the force to effectively oversee the workflow. He doesn’t miss a thing and has a pocketful of stories to share.


Art Director
White hair don’t care. Spyros is our Art Director with 20 full years of experience, from print, all the way to web designs, covering a very wide range in his field. In his spare time he supports the great team of Olympiakos (the only team there is, as he says) and falls in love with his doberman over and over again.


Client Service Director
Outdoor adventurer. Beer and arts alchemist. Travel lover. Myrto is our Client Service Director, has worked on almost every aspect of digital communication for the past 9 years and makes sure everything runs smoothly. She never steps on the lines in the pavement and has the cleanest office E-V-E-R.


Hooked on coffee and all things 90s. Eleni Chloi is a Copywriter, has worked in the digital world for quite a while now and spreads her vivid imagination every chance she gets. Lyrics lover. Instagram addict. Story teller. Positivity spreader. Can’t live without pop corn.

Vardis Vavoulakis

Media Planner & Insights Analyst
The best autocorrect you will ever find (a borderline grammar nazi). And the most colourful wardrobe in the building. Vardis is responsible for media planning, campaign execution, handling, analysing and reporting on the data gathered from various sources regarding a brand’s online presence. Other than that? He enjoys good movies and series, good food and killer jokes.

Andreas Litis

Front-End Developer
Athens lover and the best men’s shoes at the office. Andreas is an early adopter of all things digital, has strong passion for design, web and entrepreneurship and is always eager to learn new things. He usually sticks to his floor so we have to visit if we want to admire THE shoes.

Konstantinos Mavrakis

Web Developer
Ntinos is a web developer by day and a sloth by night. He enjoys good movies, good music and traveling. With a proper dose of coffee he can divide by zero. Sometimes he just wants to give it all up and become a handsome trillionaire. Unfortunately, he just loves the Web.

Katerina Ponti

Head of Content & Community Manager
High heels. High standards. Katerina is our Head of Content and Community Management, one of the first Greek bloggers and for the past 6 years she has been working exclusively on digital projects. Fashion lover. Food taster. Athletics champion. Loud speaker.

Manos Panagiotopoulos

Art Director
Did someone say adrenaline? Meet Manos, our Art director who takes his kite to the sea every chance he gets. If you have a new business and want a beautiful and unique corporate design, he is your guy. And in his free time? Oh well, give him a digital pen and let him be. Minimalism admirer, vans addict, music dreamer.

Maria Velvitsanou

Account Manager
Books are kind of her thing. Maria is our -currently addicted to deadlines and post-it notes- Account Manager. Looking back, she has a visual communication expertise, a radio producer record and was involved in several humanitarian projects. Talk about variety! A good joke is all you need to get in her good graces. Take a cue from Chandler.

Vanessa Vakirtzi

Account Director
Wine lover. Netflix addict. Public speaker. Give it up for Vanessa, our new Account Director and a born and bred marketer! Counting a decade of experience in finding digital solutions for brands across all industries, she strongly believes that strategic thinking and teamwork are the secrets to success. As for her guilty pleasures? Shameless selfies and high doses of peanut butter. That's the stuff.

Katerina Magouriotou

Office Administrator
Let's talk about our new brunette. Spontaneous photographer. Decoration addict. Enthusiastic cooker. Katerina is our front desk girl, has a strong accounting background and needs to have everything neat and tidy. Not bad at all. Welcome on board girl!

Maro Zouganeli

Social Media Manager
City lover. Social media addict. Aries. Our new Social Media Manager, Maro, studied Communication and Mass Media and has worked as a journalist, copywriter and social media manager. She loves traveling, writing stories and just can’t stand still to the rhythm of salsa.


This is our core basis. We work holistically by reviewing positioning, competition and goals and move forward by setting the appropriate strategy, tactics and communication vehicles. First we formulate, then we implement. To the point.


We create your very own fingerprint. Whether you are about to hit the market or just need a fresh touch, we make it happen. And we don’t stop there.


We tell great stories that stick with our audience because we can tell who likes what and when. We produce content that fits the context and help you become a significant part of the kind of story your customers truly enjoy.


Never miss a bit. Gain perception and retain connection to the ones that matter to your endeavors. We create awareness, while we assist you to remain relevant and visible on the multi-channeled reality of your audiences, in every kind of media.


If you’re looking for content calendars only, you’re in the wrong place. We make sure social media content follows a pre-set strategy, considering latest trends and sticking to the brand’s context. Creative Direction makes sure it is stellar. Community Managers ensure real time engagement and response. We’ve got you covered.


We don’t think Traditional or Digital. We think Campaign. From start to finish, we effectively coordinate and manage activations. Set the goal, select the media, create the message, launch the campaign and evaluate the results. Done and done.


We treat development more like creative coding. Any kind of experience can be created here. We are always up to date with UX and UI and our developers turn ideas into reality across any device.


We team up and deliver any production, from pre to post. Print, digital, radio, TV. You name it.


We don’t think “clicks”, “likes”, “conversions”. We set the appropriate media strategy based on your goals. We keep on optimizing until we exceed targets. Then, we retarget. It can always bring more.


Smoke and mirrors might do the trick for the circus, but not for the business. All of our projects are data driven. Our toolkit monitors and assesses reactions and deliverables, enabling us to intervene and modify - when necessary- and improve till perfect.

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